As a business owner and employer, you want the best for your business. You have invested in state-of-the-art technology in your organisation, and you even have functioning VPN policy template. You only hire the best, and only the best employees, who have the skill set, experience, and qualifications to help you achieve your business goals. Good for you! But before you hastily say “thank you,” there is one question for you; have you employed any person(s) living with a disability?

      Thanks to the belief out there that people with disabilities are not productive at the workplace and other stigma associated with them, you don’t want to take any chances. You, therefore, reject their applications even without looking at their qualifications. Well, you are making a big mistake!

      Contrary to the myths you have heard, people with disabilities can actually bring tremendous benefits to your organisation including;

      They have a high job retention rate

      If you are forced to replace employees now and then due to high turnover, you can try employing people with disabilities.

      Studies have shown that these people have low absenteeism rates, and they are highly likely to stay on the job for a longer time than those who are not disabled.

      A study done by Chicago Lighthouse on the retention of its employees showed that those who were visually impaired had a retention rate of about 1.7 years, while those who were not disabled could only be retained for nine months.

      Therefore, if you are looking for employees who will stay for a long time in your organisation and help you achieve your long-term goals and objectives, you know who to turn to!

      They are less likely to get work-related accidents

      Employees with disabilities are more concerned about workplace safety than their non-disabled counterparts. Therefore, if you hire them to run your business, you can rest assured that there will be close to none work-related accidents, which means less absenteeism, high motivation, and increased productivity.

      They will increase diversity in your business

      By employing both disabled and non-disabled persons, you will give them an opportunity to enjoy the benefits that come with a diversified work environment, and help the latter appreciate the former, not only at work but also in other areas of their lives.

      Also, you might attract clients with disabilities, since they might see your organisation as welcoming, and one that doesn’t accommodate everyone despite their physical differences.Don’t discriminate disabled people thinking that they have nothing to offer. Consider them for different positions, and you might enjoy the above benefits and much more!