Hot Off the Press: CCD Sign On Letter Opposing Including Social Security in Debt Limit Deal and Switch to Chained CPINegotiators from the Administration and Congress were considering including changes to the Social Security program, including a change in the way the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) would be calculated, in the deal to raise the debt ceiling that was recently reached. Member organizations of CCD sent to both President Obama and members of the House and Senate urging them to oppose including any changes to the Social Security programs in the debt limit deal, including any change in the way the COLA is calculated. 

      Just Posted: Recordings of Recent CCD Social 
      Security Webinars:Interested in finding out more about the Social Security programs and current proposals to make changes to the programs? Check out these webinars to answer your questions!

      Social Security 101 Webinar:

      This webinar explains the basics of the social insurance safety net that is created by the Social Security retirement, disability, and survivors programs. The webinar includes information on the current design of the programs, how the programs are funded, how workers are covered by paying into the system, and how benefits help people with disabilities, retired workers, their families and their survivors. This webinar outlines the general and most-discussed options for reforming Social Security to ensure its long-term solvency and maintaining benefit adequacy. Finally, it provides some basic principles through which reform proposals can be evaluated.

      Current Social Security Reform Proposals: How They Would Affect People with Disabilities Webinar:

      Building on Social Security 101, this webinar explains the specific reforms that have been proposed by organizations/commissions, as well as other available options for achieving long-term solvency of the Social Security programs. It also explains the likely effects of each option on the solvency of the Social Security trust funds. A primary focus of the webinar is to examine the impact of these proposed changes on benefits received by program beneficiaries, specifically, how the proposals, if implemented, would affect people with disabilities, the elderly, and families who rely on the Social Security safety net. It also provides information on the response of the national disability advocacy community to the reform proposals.